Crystal Lake Rules and Regulations

  1. Swimming is allowed only from the Crystal Lake Bathhouse facilities during hours of operation. This is done to ensure safe, healthy conditions for swimmers and conservation of the environment. It is done to preserve the serenity of the Lake setting for citizens seeking quiet recreation at the Coves and for the Crystal Lake neighborhood. Residents of lakefront properties may swim and boat from their properties, subject to city regulations. For comprehensive details visit the Newton Parks and Recreation, Crystal Lake website.
  2. Boat unloading, launching and loading are allowed only from the designated area at Cronin Cove.
  3. Dogs must be leashed at all times and dog owners are required to remove dog waste.
  4. Public ice skating is not possible at Crystal Lake due to ice density requirements and city funding constraints. Public ice skating is quite popular at the Newton Parks and Recreation Charles River facility and the MDC Nonantum Rink.
  5. Use of the Coves and the swim park are not allowed after dark.
  6. Violations of the swimming and after dark regulations are subject to penalty for criminal trespassing which may include arrest and subsequent fines. Boating and dog violations are subject to fines.  See postings around the Lake and Newton Parks and Recreation website for further details. The number to report violations is 617 796-2100.