Winter on Crystal LakeIn keeping with our mission we are interested in the following goals:

Conservation and Beautification

  • Cronin Cove
  • Levingston Cove
  • Paul’s Park
  • Crystal Lake beach facilities
  • Crystal Lake Bathhouse


  • Clean-up of trash and debris from parkland and water
  • Care of lawn, path, plants and trees
  • Snow plowing continuous path through winter
  • Removal of leaves in fall

Promotion of Safety, Land and Water Ecology

  • Information brochure and TAB articles
  • Advocacy of an enlightened protocol for enforcement to address a variety of conservation issues
  • Supporting efforts to prevent Lake pollution by participation on Crystal Lake Working Group
  • Installing crosswalk markings at appropriate intersections in the area

Infrastructure Abutting Lake

  • Street repairs
  • Curb and sidewalk repairs
  • Improvements to bridge and fence on Centre St.